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Red wine offer with cashback, Avios & tumblers

Get 6 bottles of red wine for £54 from The Wine Flyer, and get £15 cashback, 2000 Avios, free tumblers and free delivery!

The offer:

For £53.94 you get:

  • 6 bottles of red wine
  • 2,000 Avios
  • £10.79 cashback
  • £5.39 airtime credit
  • 2 Dartington tumblers
  • Free delivery

You can order here


For £53.94 The Wine Flyer (a joint business of Laithwaite’s and British Airways) is offering a case of six very nice red wines, 2,000 Avios and free tumblers and delivery. What you get (and save) is:

Six bottles including Barón de Barbón from the Murúa family (their No.1 Rioja),
Argentina’s Waxed Bat Reserve (a ‘brambly oak-aged blockbuster’) and an Aussie
Shiraz from the very best in Black Stump Reserve that come to £8.99 a bottle
2,000 Avios for new customers (of Laithwaites or The Wine Flyer) or 500 Avios for
existing ones (in reality, even that I have ordered before from there, I used a new email and got the 2000 avios)
*2,000 Avios come to around £20 when using them to book a flight. Alternatively, they are exactly £16 if swapped for Nectar points to use at Sainsbury’s.
£10.79 cashback if you pay with your Curve*, Natwest Rewards, Virgin Money credit card etc – most rewards cards have 20% cashback on Laithwaite’s – check yours and activate the Laithwaite’s offer if needed
*If you are new to curve, and go trough our sign up link, you will also get £10 sign up bonus
£5.39 airtime rewards credit*
*If you are new to airtime and use code UGKY6KVE you will get a small sign up bonus
Two free Dartington (dishwasher safe!) tumblers which otherwise cost £18
Free delivery which is otherwise £7.99

Where is the catch?

No catch, you do not need to subscribe to anything as it is a one-off offer.
Limited to one order per person.

Deadline and link?

The offer is available until the 30th June 2022. Currently (as of the 19th May 2022) the BA Wine Flyer website says that due to high demand the Baron de Barbon Reserva is out of stock, but is being replaced with the more expensive Dinastia Manzanos Reserva.

Overall, taking the cashback into account, for under £40 you get six bottles of nice red
wine, two free tumblers all delivered for free, plus 2,000 Avios with the added potential perks of airtime and SquareMeal credits. The only thing left to say is – Cheers!

You can order here

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